Troubleshooting – Full Page Screenshots on Fail

Learn how to generate full page screenshots on test's fail.


public class FullPageScreenshotsOnFailTests extends WebTest {
    public void promotionsPageOpened_When_PromotionsButtonClicked() {
        var promotionsLink = app().create().byLinkText(Anchor.class, "Promotions");;


The engine checks after each test, its result, if failed, makes the screenshots. We have a unique engine for the screenshots. We do not use vanilla WebDriver. If you use the WebDriver method, it makes a screenshot only of the visible part of the page. If you have to do it manually precisely, you need thousands of lines of code.


If you open the testFrameworkSettings.<env>.json file, you find the screenshot properties under webSettings section that controls this behaviour.

"webSettings": {
    "screenshotsOnFailEnabled": "true",
    "screenshotsSaveLocation": "user.home/BELLATRIX/Screenshots"

You can turn off the making of screenshots for all tests and specify where the screenshots to be saved. In the extensibility chapters read more about how you can create different screenshots engine or change the saving strategy.