Learn how to contribute to BELLATRIX.

Contributing to Our Project

We welcome contributions from the community, whether it’s in the form of bug reports, feature requests, documentation improvements, or code contributions.

Getting Started

Fork the Repository: Start by forking the repository to your GitHub account. This provides you with a personal workspace for making changes. Clone Your Fork: Clone your fork to your local machine to start working on the changes.

Making Changes

Create a Feature Branch: From your fork, create a new branch for your work. This keeps your changes organized and separate from the main branch. Commit Your Changes: Make your changes locally, and commit them to your feature branch. Use clear and descriptive commit messages.

Submitting Contributions

Pull from Upstream: Before submitting your contribution, pull the latest changes from the upstream main branch into your feature branch to minimize merge conflicts. Push to Your Fork: Push your changes to your fork on GitHub. Open a Pull Request (PR): Submit a pull request from your feature branch to the main branch of the original repository. Provide a clear description of your changes and any relevant issue numbers.

Code Review

Review Process: Your PR will be reviewed by the project maintainers. They may provide feedback or request changes. Be open to discussion and willing to make adjustments as needed.

After Your PR is Merged

Once your PR is merged, your contributions will become part of the project. You can then safely delete your feature branch.