Static Analysis

Learn how to use the BELLATRIX Static Analysis.


Coding standards define a programming style. A coding standard does not usually concern itself with wrong or right in a more abstract sense. It is merely a set of rules and guidelines for the formatting of source code.


  • Seamless Code Integration
  • Team Member Integration
  • Easy to Debug and Maintain
  • Readability
  • Minimizes Communication
  • Minimizes Performance Pitfalls
  • Saves Money Due to Less Man Hours

BELLATRIX Coding Standards Modules

BELLATRIX comes with two modules for helping you apply coding standards in your tests.


EditorConfig helps developers define and maintain consistent coding styles between different editors and IDEs. The EditorConfig project consists of a file format for defining coding styles and a collection of text editor plugins that enable editors to read the file format and adhere to defined styles. EditorConfig files are easily readable, and they work nicely with version control systems. You can override the global Visual Studio settings through a **.editorconfig **file placed on solution level. All projects come with a predefined set of this rules that we advise you to use. You can always change them to follow your company’s global coding standards.

You can read more about it here.


StyleCop is an open source static code analysis tool from Microsoft that checks C# code for conformance to StyleCop’s recommended coding styles moreover, a subset of Microsoft’s .NET Framework Design Guidelines. The StyleCopAnalyzers open source project is similar to EditorConfig. It integrates with all versions of Visual Studio. It contains set of style and consistency rules. The code is checked on a build. If some of the rules are violated warning messaged are displayed. This way you can quickly locate the problems and fix them.

You can find more detailed information here.

All projects come with predefined StyleCop rules:

  • stylecop.json
  • StyleCopeRules.ruleset

Note:* You can reuse both .editorconfig and StyleCop files. Place them in a folder inside your solution and change their paths inside your projects’ MSBuild files. As with .editorconfig, you can change the predefined rules to fit your company’s standards.*